Mahalas Day Spa 
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Our Staff

Hiedi Hayden

Mahala Hayden

Robert Pettengill

Joyelle Jones

Tawnya Torres

Robert Pettengill

Licensed Massage Therapist

RJ specializes in deep tissue and athletic work, and makes it a priority to have excellent communication with each person he works with to ensure they receive the treatment they need every single time.

" I never grew up knowing this is the business I wanted to be a part of. Massage was something that came about without warning, and I learned to love my work because of the good I can accomplish through it. Specializing in deep-tissue and athletic massage, I bring a very thorough, direct, and hands-on style to the table."


Downtown Yoga and Healing Arts~School of Massage Therapy 2018-2019

Certified in ReikiĀ