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Nails Services





Mini Manicure-just the necessities to care for your cuticles with finishing touch of the perfect polish

Hiedi $30
Katie $30
Mahala $25
Joyelle $25

Spa Manicure or Shellac Manicure-precise care for you cuticles and relaxing hand massage. Spa manicure includes an upgrade of EcoFin moisturizing treatment and Shellac manicure includes long lasting Shellac polish.

Hiedi $45
Katie $45
Mahala $40
Joyelle $40

GelX Extensions- the perfect nail extensions for people looking to encourage nail growth and keep their nails healthy. A full coverage tip is adhered to the nail with a layer of soft gel, they soak off easy, and a new set is applied every time to ensure healthy nail growth.

Joyelle $55

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