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Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Services


Lash Lift - This service enhances your natural lashes. this European based formula is specially made for the delicate eye area. It will lift, curl, and give the appearance of longer lashes without the need for heavy maintenance. It’s also a perfect add on for lash extension clients looking for a more dramatic look.

Lift $55
Lift and Tint $70

Brow Lamination - A “perm” for your brows, only opposite. If you have thin or unruly eyebrow hairs, this is a great solution for you. Using a London based formula you can take your eyebrows to new heights. This service will straighten your brows in any direction desired, for a fuller more polished look. Lasts 6-8 weeks. (Cannot be done on the same day as Henna Brow Tint, Can be done with Classic Brow Tint)

Mia $70

Best of Both Brows
Book ahead and save: Henna Brow Tint with Brow Lamination giving you completely perfect brows! Must be done on separate days.

Mia $110

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