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Eyelash Extensions

NOVALASH Eyelash Extensions
Long, luscious, glossy lashes are a symbol of youth and vitality. Who wouldn't want them? Now there's no reason to go without them! NovaLash extensions allow you to have the lashes you've been dreaming about. By using different lengths, thicknesses, synthetic mink, and curl types we can create a look thats natural and beautiful.

Full Set

$200 - Mia
$225 - Hiedi

30 minute fill

$40 - Mia
$50 - Hiedi

60 minute fill

$60 - Mia
$70 - Hiedi

Volume Lashes
Perfect for those who desire more volume on their lash line. Whether you naturally don't have a full lash line to work with or just desire the most dramatic look, the volume lashes allow the lash artist to adhere 3-5 extensions per natural lash to give you the fullest lash line possible.

Volume Full Set

$250 - Mia
$275 - Hiedi

Volume 30 minute fill

$60 - Mia
$70 - Hiedi

Volume 60 minute fill

$80 - Mia
$90 - Hiedi

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