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Tui-Na Massage techniques used by Tae at Mahala's Day Spa

Tui-Na Massage, or most commonly known as Acupressure massage, is a combination of specific hand techniques that incorporates the concept of Qi-or life force energy. Based on the priciple of 5-Element Theory and meridians which are a series of channels that flow throughout the body, a typical Tui-Na treatment would apply a variation of vibration, point location, kneading, friction, as well as stretching and traction. As most common styles of western massage (ie swedish, deep tissue, ect), Tui-Na can be incredibly effective in achieving a relaxing and restorative massage experience. Utilizing a deeper perspective, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) goes beyong the mucsles, bones, and joints. Focusing on the energetic level, Tui-Na practitioners intend to sense and affect the flow and distribution of energy (qi), throughout the session. Through unblocking stagnant energy and restoring balance in the channels, one can benefit from a range of ailmants including: chronic head/neck/shoulder pain, low back spasms, arthritis, tennis elbow, headaches, carpal tunnel, emotional stress, and many other imbalances that occur in the body.

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